delta delta (2014)

Live visualization of New York Times page views that illustrates each event individually.

streamtools streamtools (2013-)

Open-source visual programming language designed for streaming data currently under active development.

kepler kepler (2013)

Live visualization of New York Times taxonomy.

cascade cascade (2012)

An interactive tool for tracking how links are shared through Twitter.

observations observations (2011)

Sketch with lots of boids and shaders.

visualizations for waze visualizations for waze (2011)

Traffic visualizations created for Waze, a community-sourced turn-by-turn navigation app.

braids braids (2010)

Generative system for the production of tangled tubes

bodyfuck bodyfuck (2010)

Gestural programming interpreter for the esoteric programming langauge brainfuck.

codescapes codescapes (2010)

Software that visualizes its own source code.

failbase failbase (2009)

Analog store of failures, gathered via SMS and voicemail, saved by a thermal printer, archived in wooden drawers.

memsweeper memsweeper (2009)

An homage to the classic Windows game with the fun addition of EXC_BAD_ACCESS

black cloud black cloud (2008)

Climate-concious ARG with a network of real environmental sensors.

tomato quintet tomato quintet (2007)

Visualization and sonification of tomato respiration.

the return of balance the return of balance (2006)

Physical game of balance and sorting.