tomato quintet

Tomato Quintet was a project I worked on with Greg Niemeyer and Chris Chafe. The project focused on the tomato’s ability as a climacteric fruit to emit carbon dioxide during its ripening process. Depending on environmental conditions, this process can take anywhere between 3 and 7 days. With CO2, light, and temperature sensors, the change in environment for each tomato pod was monitored and turned into music. I provided visuals that were built in Processing that accompanied the sonification.

Five pods were set up at the Machine Project gallery for ten days in August 2007. The data was simultaneously recorded and sonified real-time. At the end of the ripening process the tomatoes were made into pasta sauce and served to guests while accompanied by a 45 minute compressed version of the ripening process. Live musicians improvised along by interpreting visualizations produced by the tomato music.